10 thoughts on “Basic Stock Market Investing Strategies: Breakouts, Pullbacks and Bollinger Bands

  1. Well, I cant make that decision for you however, I can say whatever you do,
    make sure you have taken the time to research all the advantages and
    disadvantages of each option. Write them down and see what comes to the
    top. The important is making sure you’re making an educated decision.

  2. I am Buddha. It’s just a pity that my main strategy doesn’t work any more.
    My backup strategy is starting to deteriorate in profitability. So I’m
    developing a third, fourth and fifth strategy. Once you become Buddha, you
    need to adapt to the changing conditions. ‘Be like water’ and all that…

  3. Hi Michael, I´m 22 years old and I´ve been lookin for a lot of info , I´m
    currently the best oil painter in my city, I believe I can also be a grat
    trader, I been living like a nomad from country to countryf or the last 3
    years. Recently I recieved a herency money, I´m deciding, If oppening a
    bussisnes, or paying for a MBA in USA or becoming a trader and investing my
    money, What would you do?, where can I study real trading? thanks a lot for
    your info, I can´t wait to star my noob trading.

  4. Excellent advice. All I would add regarding investing is to stay out of
    stocks and stick with options, because the risk is 1/20th and the profit is
    10x to 50x what stocks are. Still and all, AccendoTrader’s response is
    really spot on. Thanks for good videos

  5. @teyafht It is possible, I usually pull in 400-500% gains. Get the right
    strategy and everything falls into place. I use the 123 system for my bread
    and butter, get the free video here => bit.ly/LWm5XF?=mefpee

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