12 thoughts on “Stock Market Sell Off 2010 Stock Market Plunge 300 Points Dow Jones Index

  1. Well, so much for the recession being over, and the economy recovering. Do
    these politicians think they’re fooling ANYBODY by saying that shit? All
    you have to do to see how the economy is doing is look around you, and look
    in your checking account. Do you have more money? Are the prices of
    everything going down? Is everybody working again? No? Then the recession
    isn’t over yet, and the economy hasn’t recovered. I know NOTHING about the
    economy and I know that. Why doesn’t the media/gov’t?

  2. @parasitesarefunny Like I said, you are a fucking idiot to believe that the
    Holocaust isn’t real, 9/11 was an inside job, and that all Jews are evil
    Reptilian Space Lizards from the Planet Xandor out to eat the human race’s
    guts or whatever you believe.

  3. Here is two more videos that Mario did 2-3 weeks ago check them out !! Dow
    Jones Industrial Average Index Technical Analysis Reversal Pattern Dow
    Jones Analysis Weekly Chart – Reversals & How to Apply Them

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